One of the great unsolved mysteries of archaeology is the origin of the ancient Egyptians. How is it that some of the oldest artifacts, such as the Great Pyramid, are the best engineered? Robert Bauval has researched these questions and discusses them in his forthcoming book “Black Genesis,” which explores that startling hypothesis that Egyptian civilization arose out of an even more ancient culture that was located deep in Africa, and has been entirely lost to history. Listen to this exciting preview of what will soon be a major new release!

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Could there be a connection between comic book heroes and real aliens, either unconscious or something created in the minds of comic book artists by the aliens themselves?

Christopher Knowles points out many instances of comic artists being pop culture prophets, among them the fact that a book was drawn involving a face on Mars in 1959, and in 1971 the concept of the stargate entered our imaginations–out of a comic book.

Is there something more powerful going on here than we realize? Could comics actually be pointing to the future of humankind, or, as William Henry puts it, “a post-human humanity” that leads to the end of the human experience as we know it?
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Dr. Robin Kelly has combined science, traditional concepts of healing and his own extraordinary insights to evolve “the Human Antenna,” and here he tells us just what it all means, and how we can literally remake ourselves as healthier, more energetic and, in the end, more deeply conscious and deeply human beings.

Bruce H. Lipton, PhD says this of Dr. Kelly’s quest:
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