James Carville has called it ‘the crazy test:’ Ask a person if we landed on the moon. If he says ‘no,’ he’s crazy.

But we don’t all agree, and Jay Weidner is among those who doesn’t. He does not believe that we landed on the moon during the Apollo missions. He believes that ‘the odds are, it’s all faked.’ However, Jay does NOT believe that we’ve never been to the moon, he believes that we’ve gone there, but not in a way that can be publicly known.

Agree or disagree, you will find this unusual interview fascinating.

Jay Weidner’s website is JayWeidner.com.
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Dr. Mark Gray and William Henry tell about the new book they have written together, “Freedom’s Gate,” a stunner that blows the lid off the secrets that are hidden in the U.S. Capitol and are the true power behind the United States, a power that has been profoundly corrupted and urgently needs to be retaken by the people.

Don’t miss this inspiring and powerful show about REAL freedom and REAL liberty and what they meant to the Founding Fathers–and certainly DO NOT mean to the greed ridden politicians of our era.

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Freddy Silva is one of the legends of sacred sciences research, and here he describes the amazing similarity between structure of crop formations and ancient sacred buildings. “Crop formations are sermons in wheat, as cathedrals are sermons in stone.”

In this wonder-rich interview, Freddy describes just what makes a sacred site sacred, and tells us how to gain the power of understanding that is so essential to spiritual growth.

Freddy and William compare notes about the power of the formations, what it is like to walk in them, and how the energy of the formations work. As Freddy says, “walking into a crop circle is like meeting a sacred person.”
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Joseph Farrell is one of the world’s leading authorities on the secrets of alchemy, and here he discusses the Philosopher’s Stone, tracing its mysterious origin to the Tablets of Destiny and the possibility of an ancient cosmic war that involved the use of weapons technologies that have been, in part, rediscovered, most particularly by the Nazis. He tells William Henry about the advanced non-linear physics that the Nazis were engaged in during World War II, and the modern technologies that could have been secretly derived from their discoveries.

Joseph Farrell’s website is GizaDeathStar.com

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