It’s that time of year again, and we’re holding Dreamland’s resident prophet John Hogue’s feet to the fire! Last January, he came on the show and prophesied for us. So, how did he do? Let’s find out.

We’ll replay some of his January 31 prophecies and see just how well he did this time. In the past, there have been some striking “hits.” Will that be the case this time?

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This year has been an unusual one in the history of the crop formation phenomenon. The reason for this may be that, as our minds open more and more to the creators of the formations, they are becoming more focused and easier for us to understand than ever before. (Or it may be that there are more and better hoax formations than ever before…)

Suzanne Taylor has created one of the most magnificent, startlingly brilliant DVDs on the phenomenon ever produced, and in this edition of Dreamland she and Whitley Strieber talk about her understanding of the formations and what they mean.
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Dr. Leo Sprinkle began his UFO research in 1961, and has been at the forefront of abduction and close encounter research ever since. Unlike most researchers, he does not edit his findings to fit his theories, but edits his theories to fit his findings, and the result makes for an enthralling and enlightening listening experience.

In all the years they have known one another, Dr. Sprinkle has never before been interviewed by Whitley Strieber, so this talk between arguably the greatest abduction researcher of all time and the world’s most prominent close encounter witness is not to be missed.
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Marla Frees has an intimate conversation with ever-popular Dreamland guest Echo Bodine. They explore Echo’s healing work, and there is a powerful and illuminating discussion of cancer and the role it plays in our lives that will give you a new insight into the meaning of this and other diseases, and the experience of dying.

Echo has had a powerful life experience full of tragedy and perseverance, and shows us how to transform our own difficult experiences into part of the learning and deeper meaning of our lives. As Echo puts it, ‘I have come to understand the meaning and wisdom of my childhood growing up with two alcoholic parents.’ The powerful emotions that emerge as Marla and Echo discuss the alcoholism in both of their families will not soon be forgotten.
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