When is a placebo not a placebo? When it’s a nocebo.

Can we THINK ourselves to death? In New Scientist, Helen Pilcher tells the story of a US man who was told by a local witch doctor that he was going to die. He promptly took to his bed and began to do so. When he was admitted to the hospital, his wife told one of his doctors, Drayton Doherty, what had happened.
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If you want to find planets that find harbor intelligent life, you need to do what the early explorers did right here on earth: look for water.

Since the early 1990s astronomers have discovered more than 300 planets orbiting stars other than our sun, nearly all of them gas giants like Jupiter. The new generation of powerful NASA space telescopes will make it easier to spot much smaller planets that are more similar to earth.
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Psychic Medium Marla Frees will be at our Dreamland Festival June 26-28, giving a “gallery reading” as well as spontaneous, individual readings as she walks through the crowd. We told you about her conference in Sun Valley recently and now she’s written a blog about it! Remember: Subscribers get 10% off ticket prices (as well as a chance to chat).

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Robert Temple captivated Dreamlanders with his research on the Sirius Mystery, and now he’s back with new discoveries about the Sphinx that are even more startling. Written with Olivia Temple, the Sphinx Mystery is a mind opening journey into truths about the Sphinx that have been ignored, suppressed and overlooked by others.

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