Ladies: we can wear their shirts and use their cologne. Now we can use their sex drugs too!

One needs only turn on the television to understand that significant advances have been made in the cure and treatment of male sexual dysfunction. Less visible progress has been made in understanding and treating female sexual disorders (FSD), a complex and multi-layered problem. A team of researchers has found that the drugs that help men may some day help women too.
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Swine Flu spreads all over New York City – The Swine Flu outbreak in New York started in one private school in a borough of Manhattan, probably from a student whose family had recently taken a trip to Mexico, but the flu has now spread across the city to hundreds of people. Since New Yorkers commute to the city from New Jersey, Connecticut and even Pennsylvania, it will soon show up there too. Many of them also have weekend houses upstate. It has also quickly spread to other New York schools. Thank goodness the pandemic is not expected to be as serious as it was feared it would be at first.
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These crop circles are truly beautiful. To see them, click here and here. Coming up on Dreamland: Interviews with the authors of TWO crop circle books: Michael Glickman and Andrew Collins! Collins was the FIRST author to be interviewed on William Henry’s new Revelations show! This story came from our Out There section, which you can access by clicking on the tab at the top of the page. You can also click here. If you want to make sure we’re always out there for you, subscribe today!

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