No matter what kind of school you go to (and even if you’re home schooled), you have to take math. Scientists have known for a long time that movements help us remember things. New research shows that gesturing helps students develop new ways of understanding mathematics.

This is the first time research has shown that gestures not only help recover old ideas, they also help create new ones. The information could be helpful to teachers (who might want to do something along the lines of invent a “YMCA” type song with movements to go along with new mathematical concepts).
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Especially for smokers – Are you an Angry Smoker? If so, it’s why you may have trouble quitting. Maybe you need to laugh more.

Some researchers think that smokers who want to quit (and that’s almost everybody) could be helped by taking anger management lessons, because nicotine affects the part of the brain responsible for emotion and smokers who can’t quit may be more prone to anger than nonsmokers.
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Have an opinion about Steve Quayle? Most people do, and in this amazing, searching and powerful edition of Dreamland, you will hear him talk more openly about the subjects he covers than perhaps you have ever heard before.

Whitley Strieber knows just the right questions, and they trigger a rapid-fire explosion of information from Steve that is totally unforgettable. They discuss everything from the murders of microbiologists and how this has added to the threat of pandemics, to the nature and power of sacred sites, and even beyond that.

Fasten your seatbelt and get out your notebook for this fiercely intense edition of Dreamland with Steve Quayle.
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Whitley and Steve were not even close to being finished when Dreamland came to the end of its scheduled time, and what happened in the subscriber section takes astonishing to a whole new level. Steve has probably never been questioned by anybody with such vast knowledge of visitors and the unknown, and Whitley’s knowledge and Steve’s ideas intersect in a powerful, explosive and mind-expanding manner that you will not soon forget. Listen as they discuss giants ancient and modern, and Steve tells some truly bizarre stories of giants attacking soldiers in Afghanistan. But that’s just the tip of the iceberg here. They also discuss such things as stargates and why so many of the world’s sacred sites are located on the same great circle, around the former position of the North more