Will there be an apocalypse in 2012, or is this going to be another Y2K? Lawrence Joseph is a scientist who has written for such publications as the New York Times and Salon and, well, he’s worried. There are just too many different factors pointed toward significant change to ignore the fact that 2012 could be a very important year in the life of our solar system, our planet–and us.

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In one of the most extraordinary editions of Dreamland ever recorded, a scientist speaks about an implant that was removed from his body. He has conscious memories of his close encounters with “grays” and specifically recalls the night in February of 2008 that the implant was placed in his body.

NOTE: This show summary, previously published on our old site, may contain broken links.

Have an opinion about Steve Quayle? Most people do, and in this amazing, searching and powerful edition of Dreamland, you will hear him talk more openly about the subjects he covers than perhaps you have ever heard before.

Whitley Strieber knows just the right questions, and they trigger a rapid-fire explosion of information from Steve that is totally unforgettable. They discuss everything from the murders of microbiologists and how this has added to the threat of pandemics, to the nature and power of sacred sites, and even beyond that.

Fasten your seatbelt and get out your notebook for this fiercely intense edition of Dreamland with Steve Quayle.

Paul Von Ward has been exploring the science behind reincarnation, and it turns out that there is an amazingly solid basis for it. In this interview with Anne Strieber, he recounts a group of scientific experiments and research that validates the fact that something of the human being survives death.

He tells of research using MRI scans that reveal evidence of what he calls the psychoplasm, or soul genome. He tells us how this aspect of ourselves carries information about our past lives that affect our present life.

This is one of the most profound discussions of reincarnation and how it actually works that we have ever presented on Dreamland.