James Wasserman takes us on a controversial journey into a lost city, Masonic Washington, and he does so with a powerful warning that Washington, D.C. is now a ??nest of vipers,?? and that power has been taken out of the hands of the American people. His view is that we have lost our country to philistines who don?­t care about the spiritual vision of the Founding Fathers or the meaning of the symbolic city they left behind them.

His website is JamesWassermanBooks.com

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Whitley Strieber interviews psychic and healer Echo Bodine about her long and troubled struggle with alcoholism, drug addiction, financial troubles and an unwillingness to accept her powers–and her triumph over all the adversity in her life to become what he calls a “profoundly authentic” psychic and teacher. This phenomenal interview is among the most powerful, empowering and just plain unforgettable you will hear on this program or anywhere.
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Our resident psychic medium Marla Frees is an expert on the relationship between psychic energy and physical well-being, and here she interviews on of the great masters of just how energetic principles relate to our overall health and spiritual growth, Dr. Robin Kelly. Larry Dossey says of Dr. Kelly?­s work discovering the hidden connections between body, mind and spirit in this way: ??no form of medicine can be complete that does not recognize these interactions.??

He talks about how bones and ligaments are actually semiconductors, and can be used to move energies through our bodies in ways that bring us not only greater physical health, but spiritual advancement.
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William Henry, Jim Marrs and thirty-two other people went on a tour of Egypt’s monuments last week, and on Wednesday, one of the tour participants, a young woman, died in her sleep. This sparked a flood of internet rumors, including one that the group had been attacked by terrorists and other rumors that black magic had been involved. Listen as William Henry tells the truth about how this tragedy actually unfolded. He also describes what was an unusually joyous tour for all the participants until the tragedy, and how they came together to honor their comrade in her passing afterward, and the extraordinary power of place that Egypt itself brought to the tragic situation. William Henry’s website is WilliamHenry.net.
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