Gray running beside car? Photo of a Chupacabra? – A strange chupacabra photo that was recently taken in Argentina and linked to our Out There section is causing excitement among British cryptozoologists. And we have asked two technical experts about a video that seems to show an alien running alongside an automobile. Keep reading to see photo of a possible chupacabra.

In the January 14th edition of The Telegraph, Matthew Moore reports that the photographer who snapped the picture was only able to capture a single frame before the creature flew away. Later, using high-resolution equipment, local police were able to show that it had eye sockets and a beak. They estimate it was a little over 2 feet tall.
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Same type of UFO was seen in Texas! – We’ve all heard about the strange blue light, but mysterious orange lights are commonly seen in the sky as well?including those famous sightings reported by Linda Howe in Stephenville Texas. You can see one in Scotland by clicking here.

In fact, the American Chronicle website reports that glowing, orange objects have been seen in the sky this year not only in Texas, but also in Ohio and now in the UK.
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Danger of volcano eruption is over – The earthquake swarm in Yellowstone is finally dying down, so the fear that they might set off a volcano that would lead to the deaths of as many as a billion people has also abated.

According to the Billings Gazette, 400 more quakes have been reported since the beginning of the year, but they died down by January 8, although earthquake activity is still “well above typical.” There have been false website evacuation alarms, but none of these were legitimate and there is no immediate danger to nearby residents.

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Computer hacker Gary McKinnon pled guilty in the UK in order to avoid extradition to the US, where he could be tried as a terrorist for hacking NASA computers in his quest for classified UFO information (at least Guantanamo is closing!)

P2P Net reports that the final decision hasn’t been made by the English courts yet, but they let McKinnon?s lawyers know that if their client pled guilty under the “Misuse of Computers Act,” and was thus prosecuted and sentenced in the UK, it was unlikely that he would sent to American to stand trial since in the UK (as in the US), you can’t be tried twice for the same crime.

For all of us who abhor UFO secrecy, it’s whew! for now.
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