Fresh from his two History Channel shows, our resident prophet John Hogue takes a look at what’s going to happen in 2009. First, Whitley asks if there are any Nostradamus quatrains that relate to this year–and he finds out that there is a very SPECIFIC one that describes what will happen when there is a certain astrological conjunction.

That conjunction took place this week. So don’t miss this fascinating journey into the mind of our resident prophet, and that of Nostradamus.

As John says, “this is the first year in all of our lives that most of us will begin to feel more influenced by Aquarius than Pisces.” It is the true beginning of the Aquarian Age.

We continue our look forward to 2009 by asking one of the world’s leading futurists what the new year will bring–and just wait until you hear what he has to say not only about this year, but about what’s coming after. And it’s NOT all gloom and doom, it’s actually quite incredible.

Whitley Strieber asks John Petersen penetrating questions, and gets some surprising answers in this electrifying interview.

Our inauguration weekend offering explores the amazing secrets of the US Capitol. Find out what it really means when Barack Obama walks up the 33 steps to the doors of the capitol. Explore the hidden meaning of the Apotheosis of George Washington, and discover the amazing spiritual significance and power of our nation?­s greatest monumental structure. Then Linda offers part two of her report on that worldwide catastrophe 12,600 years ago.

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We’re back with an exciting January series on what 2009 will bring. We start with Mahala Gayle of the Asclepius Light Center in Seattle who specializes in astrology about world events and earth changes. She has published her Planet Alert for many years, and we examine the January 2009 alert and its implications for the coming year. Then Linda Howe takes us back 12,600 years to a great planetary catastrophe that might also have future implications.

NOTE: This show summary, previously published on our old site, may contain broken links.