Everyone’s top New Year’s Resolution – Quitting smoking is one of the top items on most people’s New Year’s resolutions lists, and it certainly should be if you’re black because blacks are more unhealthy than whites?especially when it comes to asthma?despite the fact that African-Americans are much less likely to smoke than whites are during their teens.

However, a new study finds that most of this advantage disappears by mid-adulthood, when their health habits deteriorate. When asked by health care professionals about their health, older African-American adults consistently report poorer health than whites of the same age do.
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The holiday season is almost over, and desperate retailers are bombarding us with advertisements that most of us can’t afford to take advantage of. One of their most popular inducements is to try to get us interested in the latest fad.

Fadshave been a staple of American pop culture for decades, from spandex in the 1980s to skinny jeans today. But while going from fad to flop may seem like the result of fickle consumers, a new study suggests that this is exactly what should be expected of a highly efficient, rationally evolved animal?like us!
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For our Christmas seasonal offering, Whitley Strieber and Dannion Brinkley get together to talk about heavy souls, light souls, resurrection and the importance of finding joy in our lives. They have been friends for a long time now, and you will not hear such an intimate, wonderful conversation between two such remarkable men anywhere else in the world.

It is perfect listening during this season of hope and rebirth, and riveting listening, too, as Dannion and Whitley explore together the great experiences of Dannion Brinkley in the afterlife, and then get down to the nitty-gritty of just how DO we find joy in a world that is falling apart around our ears?

Dannion?­s website is www.dannion.com
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As Whitley Strieber introduces Marla Frees to Dannion Brinkley, he tells an amazing story of a psychic hit that Marla had in his life just a week ago. And then our powerful resident psychic and Dannion meet together for the first time, and we get to be flies on the wall as they trade stories about their miraculous lives. Dannion tells us why this time we are living in is a ?final phase,? and what that means and how understanding it can help us on our own journey into the light.

Dannion Brinkley has also been called by Raymond Moody that he is ?the Nostradamus of our time,? and we get some of the benefit of that, too, as Marla explores Dannion?s life in prophecy.

Marla?s website is MarlaFrees.com.
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