Robert Bauval knows the deepest, most hidden and most important secrets of ancient Egypt, and in this startling, breakthrough interview, William Henry finds out just why ancient Egyptian civilization lasted three thousand years, AND why the past two thousand years have been such a time of turmoil and chaos, from the fall of the Roman Empire to the shocking financial and economic collapse we are seeing today.

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Some of us believe in it. Some of us do not. And now Dr. Robert Schoch asks the question, is there ANY scientific evidence that it is real? He has undertaken a very large scale study of the paranormal, and this week on Dreamland, William Henry asks him what he has found. Then Linda Howe talks to a man who had a familiar post-abduction experience–a very, very strange encounter with an eerie, seemingly human observer.

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Whitley Strieber says, I’ve been waiting ever since the day I opened his first book for William Henry to reach this point in his development. What he has done with his new presentation Morph is to demonstrate just what the ancients did to achieve enlightenment. In this interview, he tells us what enlightenment meant to them, the powers it gave them, the dangers that they faced on the enlightenment journey, and how WE can get on that road ourselves.
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Robert Salas tells one of the most powerful and incredible UFO stories ever heard, and he can prove every word of it. Back during the cold war, you could not do anything more calculated to frighten the United States Government than destroy its ability to launch its Minuteman missiles. And yet, that’s exactly what happened at Minot Air Force Base, and not only that, IT HAPPENED TO ROBERT SALAS. He was actually on duty in a missile command center when he received frantic word from the guards topside that a large glowing object was hanging right outside the gate to the facility. And then the klaxons began going off.

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