The Rise of the Fourth Reich is the latest book by Dreamland’s conspiracy expert, Jim Marrs. But when the expert writes a book, who does the interview? Our solution could not be more obvious: Sinister Forces author Peter Levenda! Listen as Peter grills Jim about the possibility that, while the Germans lost World War II, THE NAZIS ACTUALLY WON IT.

As a guest, frequent Dreamland host Jim Marrs needs no introduction. He is the author of the legendary Crossfire, that the movie JFK was based on, the all-time great UFO book Alien Agenda and the book that blows the lid off the secrets, Rule by Secrecy. Jim’s website is
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Every January, Dreamland?­s resident prophet John Hogue comes on the show and prophesies for the new year, and every July??usually??we have him back on and hold his feet to the fire. This year we waited, because so many of his prophecies appeared to be coming true??and, indeed, it was worth the wait. So get set for one incredible, totally amazing Dreamland as we listen to his ACTUAL WORDS as recorded last January, and then to the way events have unfolded since. As for the future, he CALLS THE MARKET BOTTOM! Then Linda Howe has an update with Trends Journal prognosticator Gerald Celente, who NAILED the present economic catastrophe on Dreamland last year.
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In July, William Henry visited the famed ranch of James Gilliland, and now he interviews James about what happens there. James tells about how it all started with a near death experience, and then seeing ships, and then with an incredible experience of experiencing three golden orbs strike his chest, which was followed by an encounter that you willthrill to hear him describe. He was left with a mark on his chest, which took him to the doctor, who thought it looked like a radiation burn. But listen to what happened to it over the next few days, and you will wonder anew what the whole vast experience of close encounter actually means. James?­s website is
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Dreamland’s resident psychic medium Marla Frees has had some truly mind-bending encounters with animal spirits, including some that belong to her own beloved pets. So she’s the perfect interviewer for Dawn Baumann Brunke, the author of Shapeshifting with Our Animal Companions, a highly unusual and profound exploration of the deep and largely unexplored spiritual connection between us and the animals we love, the ones we eat, and the ones who are going extinct.

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