This is one very special Dreamland, among those completely unforgettable shows that have come along with surprising regularity since Whitley Strieber has been hosting Dreamland. He interviews Frank Feschino, author of ??Shoot them Down: the Flying Saucer Air Wars of 1952,?? and it is as brain-exploding a UFO story as has ever been told. This brilliant researcher has nailed down the FACT that there were shoot-to-kill orders issued by President Truman in 1952, with the result that both UFOs and US fighter jets were destroyed over the United States in large numbers at that more

Linda Moulton Howe interview Robert Wood, who, with his son Ryan, has spent many years studying leaked government documents relating to the UFO phenomenon and alien contact. Over the course of this interview, there is discussion of John F. Kennedy?­s desire, stated in one of the leaked memos in 1962, to reveal to the Russians the degree of our knowledge of alien presence on earth. Another memo seems to suggest that this order was a reason, or the reason, for Kennedy?­s 1963 assassination.

Then there is a totally incredible analysis, by Whitley Strieber, of a speech reversal done on him by David John Oates. The reversal is crystal clear and shocked Whitley deeply. Listen as he explains why.
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Dreamland favorite PMH Atwater joins our resident psychic medium Marla Frees for an enriching and informative discussion of what happens in the months and years AFTER a person returns from a near death experience. Then Linda Howe interviews a drone witness who had the most vivid and closest encounter ever…and the most disturbing.

PMH Atwater has been on Dreamland many times, and she is one of our most popular guests. She has had sessions with over 4,000 adult and child near death experiencers, as well as written 8 books on her findings. Many of them have increased their psychic powers, intellects and creativity, had powerful spiritual awakenings, as well, as in some cases, darker experiences.
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This week, Jim Marrs interviews controversial talk show host Alex Jones of The primary theme is our loss of freedom due to the invasion of privacy, but the conversations ranges from 911 across a broad spectrum of questions, from globalization to the attack of the bureaucracies on our privacy. Linda Howe has two reports: more half-cat mutilations and the latest on cellphone radiation.

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