This week Whitley Strieber asks long time airline pilot Phillip Marshall about why it was that scantily trained terrorists could have executed the highly skilled flight maneuvers that were needed to bring of the 911 attacks–and you’d better be sitting down when you hear his expert opinion. You will listen to every word as Phillip Marshall methodically and carefully explains, using both his knowledge of the planes involved, and his knowledge of how tactical air operations are conducted, to show that the terrorists must have had training at a much higher level of expertise than has been more

Our resident expert on the shadowy backrooms of the political world Jim Marrs talks for subscribers about the Saudi connection and how it relates to what happened on 911. On September 13, Saudi Prince Bandar, whose wife?s bank accounts have been documented as being involved in terrorist financing, sat with President Bush and smoked a cigar. What was said in that meeting? What is the truth about the Saudi connection and 911, and where our world has gone since then, with America on the financial ropes, and our national debt being used to pour money into the coffers of the oil giants. Our nightmare is the Saudi oil billionaire?s dream come true. Why?

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A US court has ruled that the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, along with several specifically-named Saudi royals and government officials, are immune from a lawsuit filed by families of victims of the 911 attacks, who claim that the Saudis were behind the terrorist incident. What’s going on here? If you want to know what REALLY happened on 911, don’t miss this week’s Dreamland!

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?and you’re addicted for LIFE! – Tobacco companies try to push their products to teens (although they pretend not to) because they know that just one puff will get them hooked for life IF they have the right (or wrong?) kinds of genes. But the news is not all bad: researchers have now invented a PILL that can help you quit! Before this, scientists told us that the best way to quit was to go cold turkey.

The gene be behind nicotine addiction is called CHRNA5, and it may ALSO increase a smoker’s chance of developing lung cancer.
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