Computer hacker Gary McKinnon, who has been interviewed on Dreamaland, has lost his appeal to avoid extradition to the US for a military trial. He entered NASA computers searching for information on UFOs, and will be tried as a terrorist here, which could result in a life sentence in Guantanamo Bay. However, if he is tried and sentenced before the end of the year, George Bush could commute his sentence upon leaving office (although he probably won’t, since he wants to go down in history as being tough on terrorists).
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It’s NOT what you think! – In his incredible new Journal, Whitley Strieber gives a further explanation of what is REALLY going on in Russia?along with a short history of that country (something that many people in the White House obviously don’t know much about!) This is a follow-up to his original Journal on that topic.

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Roger Leir did it and you can too – There’s a $10 million prize waiting for the person who can design a car that gets 100 miles a gallon, and one engineer has modified a 1993 Geo Metro that he claims can do just that. Other researchers have found a way to convert ethanol and other biofuels into hydrogen very efficiently.

A new catalyst makes hydrogen from ethanol with 90% yield, at a workable temperature, and using inexpensive ingredients. The new catalyst is much less expensive than others being developed around the world, because it does not contain precious metals, such as platinum or rhodium.
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Over the past few weeks, I’ve read a great deal about Russia’s new belligerence. Most of the articles have expressed a level of shock and bewilderment that surprises me. In my book “Critical Mass,” which comes out this January, two great dangers will be explored: the primary geopolitical danger that faces the west today, which is nuclear terrorism, and the part Russia plays in that threat.
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