This week, William Henry interviews Michael Hayes about the relationship between numerical patterns embedded in ancient philosophies, and their startling relationship to the DNA code. Either the ancients knew far more about the secrets of the human body than we have supposed, or some deep and unsuspected instinct caused them to create their works around fundamental principles that are also hidden in our DNA. Then Linda Howe reports on the continuing lack of sunspots, and whether or not this means that the next solar max will be the most massive ever recorded. William Henry’s website is

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This week Whitley Strieber asks long time airline pilot Phillip Marshall about why it was that scantily trained terrorists could have executed the highly skilled flight maneuvers that were needed to bring of the 911 attacks–and you’d better be sitting down when you hear his expert opinion. You will listen to every word as Phillip Marshall methodically and carefully explains, using both his knowledge of the planes involved, and his knowledge of how tactical air operations are conducted, to show that the terrorists must have had training at a much higher level of expertise than has been more

Endless floods, droughts and storms are causing food shortages worldwide. Energy prices are going wild. Political unrest is building. The sun remains inexplicably quiet long after the new solar max should have begun. Massive UFO waves are taking place across the US, Canada, Britain and Australia. Strange animals are being seen all across the United States. AND 2012 ISN’T EVEN HERE YET. So, Marie D. Jones asks in this electrifying interview–what about 2013? Listen as she tells Whitley Strieber just what to expect.

Marie’s website is

NOTE: This show summary, previously published on our old site, may contain broken more

A few days ago, Anne Strieber received identical emails from Dreamland expert hosts William Henry and Marla Frees. Both of them had extraordinary experiences–different, but each in its own way incredible.
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