Human beings are SWARMING with bacteria: Even the average healthy adult plays host to about 100 trillion microscopic organisms. Infection takes place when the bacteria get out of hand?especially when they become superbugs. But help is at hand: Mud may be coming to a drug store near you?but not just any mud: special GREEN mud.

Researcher Lester A. Mitscher is calling for the development of more potent antibiotics necessary for humanity to manage drug-resistant breeds of microbes. He says, “Antibiotics are essentially selective poisons that kill bacteria and that do not kill us.”
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Ever since Senator Ted Kennedy was diagnosed with brain cancer, scientists are taking another look at cell phone danger. Besides cancer, there are other, MORE SUBTLE, dangers to using cell phones!

Major US cancer researcher Ronald Herberman has sent a letter to thousands of doctors warning them about the risks of using cell phones. He says that physicians should not wait for the results of ongoing research, but should warn their patients now. BBC News quotes Herberman as saying, “We shouldn’t wait for a definitive study to come out, but err on the side of being safe rather than sorry later. I am convinced that there are sufficient data to warrant issuing an advisory to share some precautionary advice on cell phone use.”
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The Japanese have said it. The English are releasing theirclassified files. The French are looking into it, and our neighbors to the North claim there’s a coverup. Now BRAZIL admits UFOs are real, and says that the secrecy shouldend. And yet the US continues to stonewall. Why?

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Now that the we have our first African-American presidential candidate, Race has become a major subject. Would whites be less prejudiced against blacks if they saw them from the time they were babies? It works that way for pediatricians.

A new study shows that physicians?like society at large?hold subconscious racial attitudes and stereotypes, which may contribute to racial disparities in medical treatment. The pediatricians in the study ALSO showed an implicit preference for whites. However, in this group of doctors?who worked at a large urban medical center?these doctors had LESS “implicit race bias” than physicians in other specialties.

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