After a group meeting, an acolyte once asked his teacher, “Why do you always say the same thing?”

The guru’s reply: “Because you haven’t heard me yet.”

I’ve been thinking about those lines lately, because I’ve begun to notice so many PORTENTS around me. I’ve been studying a little Buddhism lately (nothing serious, just reading “Best Buddhist Writing of 2007” and a few other books). I read a great article, where a group of Buddhists traveling with a Master stop at a toll booth on the highway. The wind is blowing fiercely and the toll booth lady says, “Where does this wind come from?”
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A judgement will be made in 3 weeks about whether or not the UK will extradite Gary McKinnon, the UK citizen who hacked into NASA computers in order to get UFO information, to the US. McKinnon, who lives in the UK did his hacking there, has spent for 6 years in fear of being extradited to the US for trial. US authorities have threatened to try him as a terrorist and give him a life sentence in a maximum security prison. BBC News quotes US embassy officials as saying that the US wants to see him “fry.”

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?or use pig poop instead of diesel – With the lack of rail roads, most of the long-distance hauling that needs to be done in the US is done by trucks, and truckers are chafing at high gas prices. One problem is that big trucks, unlike cars, are not aerodynamic?there hasn’t been a major design change in years.

Researcher Robert Englar has some ideas about how to improve things. The real problem is the trailers (the big square boxes that are hitched to the cab, where the driver sits). Englar think that something as simple as rounding the edges and installing covers over the tops of the wheels could help.
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We all know the polluting problems with gas-powered cars, but hybrids have their problems too. Now Honda has achieved something that many people thought could not be done: designed a hydrogen-powered car.

But don’t run out and order one?BBC News reports that Honda plans to manufacture only 200 of the cars over the next 3 years, starting in July, and at first they will be only available to lease. The first 5 customers have already been chosen and they?ve all from the LA area, where there are actually hydrogen fueling stations. The first person to get one? Actress Jamie Lee Curtis.

Meanwhile, another Japanese company has designed a car that works on water!
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