Franceen King and Whitley Strieber started their out-of-body work together at the Monroe Institute. Twenty years ago, Franceen ran her first Monroe Institute Gateway, which was also Whitley’s first Gateway experience.

Listen as William Henry interviews Franceen King about her years with the Monroe Institute, her wonderful personal experiences with all forms of OBE-related work, and her exciting expectations for the future of the Monroe Institute and its work.

Dr. King also runs the Self Awareness Institute in Lutz, Florida, and offers expert guidance in all areas of consciousness exploration.
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Karen Ralls is a hidden but extraordinary expert on the Knights Templars. Listen to this remarkable interview as William Henry uses his own expert knowledge of the mysterious Templars to get deeply into their secrets with Karen. Then Linda Moulton Howe offers a series of news updates on grain seed shortages,biofuel backfires, increasing hunger in 37 poor countries and implications for 2009 and beyond.

Visit Karen Ralls website here.

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The legendary Laurence Gardner is back with us this weekend, on the trail of the Holy Grail as only he can do it. The discoverer of White Powder Gold has attained the status of a living legend, and his latest adventure only confirms it. Then Linda Howe revisits a subject many of you have been asking about: what is happening to the bees?

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First, Linda is back with another drones witness, this one located by detectives Frankie Dixon and T.K. Davis, who are working for an undisclosed European client. Then we follow up the amazing story that meditation actually CHANGES THE BRAIN with William Henry’s interview of Ilonka Harezi, who tells us about the relationship between our existence in the world of the very large to the profound changes taking place in the quantum, the world of the very small.

Ilonka Harezi’s website is

NOTE: This show summary, previously published on our old site, may contain broken more