On Dreamland, science reporter Linda Howe has presented numerous reports about the strange UFO sightings in Stephenville, Texas. Now KiiiTV reports that a UFO similar to the one seen there has been spotted in the skies of another Texas city: Corpus Christi.

KiiiTV quotes a soldier who doesn’t want to be identified as saying, “It got to the point to where it got a little closer and that’s when I got a little bit more nervous.” He managed to take a photo of it with his cell phone.

Art credit: freeimages.co.uk

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Fuel that causes the most pollution is being used in the poorest parts of the world?leading to global warming, which affects these areas the MOST. The burning of “biomass” fuels for, which are defined as burning organic substances such as peat, wood or cow dung, for heating and cooking, has a warming effect in the atmosphere three to four times greater than conventional fuels.

This type of particulate pollution also comes from burning diesel fuel, which is simpler (and therefore cheaper) to refine from petroleum, which is why it’s used in countries like Mexico. Besides causing climate change, burning these fuels spews out large amount of particulate air pollution, which is especially dangerous for people’s health.
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The war on terror is bad for everyone’s health. Stress is affecting our soldiers AND our citizens, who are developing heart problems related to constant terror alerts. Will this still be going on in 2008? Experts say that the chances of the average person in America dying at the hands of terrorists is comparable to the risk of death from eating peanuts, being struck by an asteroid or drowning in a toilet: it’s WORRYING about it that’s killing us! And squirrels can give us a clue to why this is.
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Recently pictures of “frozen waves” from the Antarctic have been floating around the internet, pretending to show that it’s so cold down under that ocean waves are literally freezing as they break. The reality is that it’s summer in the southern hemisphere, and it has been so hot that Adelaide, Australia has experienced a once in 3,000 year heat wave, and now a huge ice shelf has unexpectedly collapsed in Antarctica. The Wilkins Ice Shelf was expected by scientists to last at least another 15 years, so the collapse of this section came as a surprise. It has caused scientists to revise their expectations for the survival of the rest of the shelf, which will soon join the Larsen and others, which have already melted.read more