While scientists are searching for an auto fuel that does not release dangerous greenhouse gases, other researchers are working on a strategy to capture, store and eventually recycle carbon dioxide from vehicles to prevent the pollutant from finding its way from car tailpipes into the atmosphere.

Technologies to capture carbon dioxide emissions from large-scale sources such as power plants have recently gained some impressive ground, but nearly two-thirds of global carbon emissions are created by much smaller polluters, especially cars and other transportation vehicles.
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First it was bees, now it’s bats. We may not think we’ll miss them, but without bats, there will be a much larger number of insects!

It turns out that thousands of bats are dying from a mysterious disease inside the caves where they hibernate during the winter.

In Yahoo News, Michael Hill quotes bat specialist Alan Hicks as saying, “We do not know what the cause is and we do not know how it was spread, either from cave to cave, or bat to bat.” A bat die-off could mean a bumper crop of mosquitoes?along with the diseases they bring with them.
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From Feb. 22 through March 2, in Laughlin, Nevada, you can hear (and meet) many Dreamland guests and hosts, including Jim Marrs, Nick Pope, Paola Harris, Richard Dolan, Roger Leir, Jaime Maussan and crop circle expert Nancy Talbott. To learn more, click here.

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I accidentally posted an unfinished journal entry called “Let’s Do It” in this space last night. It was posted out of sequence and will be reposted shortly.

What I intended to do, as 2008 gets rolling, is to post the first couple of paragraphs from my first journal entry, originally posted in February of 1998, 10 years ago. The entry was entitled “What I Believe”, and I find that I would not change a word of it, even now. Here is what I believe:
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