We’ve told you how to make your flu shot work better, but the big question is: why does flu strike during the winter?

In LiveScience.com, Dave Mosher writes about a new study that shows that the flu virus?s success depends on low relative humidity and cold temperatures?and that describes winter weather. The virus can live longer in cold, dry weather than it can in hot, humid conditions. Mosher quotes virologist Peter Palese as saying, “We’ve always thought the immune system wasn’t as active during the winter, but that doesn’t really seem to be the case.”

Viruses like the ones that cause the flu aren’t killed by antibiotics, and today they cause more human deaths than almost anything else. But there may be a new way to kill them: SHAKE them to death.
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First we use illegal immigrants to clean up the mess left by Hurricane Katrina. Then we house the survivors in trailers that have been called “toxic tin cans.” Many Katrina survivors have lived in these trailers for close to one year.With more destructive weather on the way, we need to be concerned about what’s going on.
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In 1997, Dr. John Lerma attempted the removal of Whitley Strieber’s implant, but his incredible career goes far beyond minor surgery. Dr. Lerma is a leading practitioner of palliative care and has helped many patients in their transition from this live.

He is interviewed this week by Dreamland’s new resident psychic medium Marla Frees, and together they explore the experience of being close to the dying, from the perspective of a psychic who is expert in contacting the dead.

Dr Lerma’s website is DrJohnLerma.com.

Marla Frees website is MarlaFrees.com.

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For our subscribers Whitley and Dr. Lerma dialog about the doctor’s experience removing his implant. It is chilling to listen to Dr. Lerma describe it, after ten years, as “the strangest thing I’ve ever seen”–and then to tell of the highly unusual call he received from the laboratory where he had sent it for examination–the only such call he had ever received in his career.

But it doesn’t end there. Suddenly–incredibly–they launch into a discussion of all sorts of secrets, including the Kennedy assassination, and talk about an extremely powerful but unnamed man they both knew, who apparently possessed some of the greatest secrets of modern times, a man Dr. Lerma helped during his last days in his transition to the other side.
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