The recent standoff in the Strait of Hormuz between US ships and Iranian vessels wasn’t the first naval confrontation between these two countries. In 2002, a $250 million war game was carried out by the US military, in which small, fast Iranian speedboats were able to sink 16 major US warships, including an aircraft carrier.
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New Hampshire election officials announced today that theywill recount the ballots in both Republican and Democraticprimaries held there last Tuesday. The recount will begin onJanuary 16. It was requested by some candidates, but therehas also been concern expressed that the hand-countedballots appear to follow the pre-election poll results whilethe machine-counted ballots do not.

There is a growing national movement to outlaw mechanicaland electronic voting systems in favor of hand-marked paperballots because of perceived irregularities in pastelections and the ease with which electronic voting systemscan be tampered with.
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We switched?and we hope you did too?but now we have to figure out how to dispose of these bulbs, since they do burn out eventually!
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New research has discovered that massive ice sheets existed on the earth during past periods of global warming, giving us hope that sea levels may not rise to disastrous levels during this one.

The Scripps Institution of Oceanography has found strong evidence that a glacial ice cap, about half the size of the modern day glacial ice sheet, existed 91 million years ago during a period of intense global warming. This extreme warming event in Earth?s history raised tropical ocean temperatures to 95-98.6

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