There is ample evidence across our solar system of cataclysmic events in the past. Joseph Farrell, who has fascinated Dreamland audiences with his research into Nazi secret weapons, returns with a riveting hypothesis: the remains of ancient disasters that scar earth and the rest of our solar system may be the results of cosmic war, not natural events. Joseph will take us through ancient texts in the context of modern physics and modern understanding of weapons to advance his audacious hypothesis. This promises to be Dreamland adventure at its highest!

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DREAMLAND SPECIAL: We begin with Linda Howe’s exclusive interview with the only witness to the Stephensville UFO who saw it in daylight. Then John Hogue joins us for his spectacular 2008 prophecy show. His website is

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Nick Redfern has spent the last five years in search of cryptid creatures the world over. If you have ever watched Monster Quest on the History Channel, you will be enthralled by Nick’s up close and personal stories of these creatures, in this great interview with Dreamland guest host Jim Marrs. Then Linda Howe reports on the UNTOLD story of that weird smoke cloud over Canada last week. He covers all sorts of strange animals that we’ve never heard of, and locations like Taos where they are not normally thought to be observed. Nick is a very serious and careful researcher, and you can expect to be convinced that this world of ours is a very much stranger place than you thought. And that goes EVEN for us Unknowncountry fans!read more

Dr. Gary Schwartz is back on Dreamland with some remarkable new research on healing, and Anne Strieber asks him the question: is it real? Then we reprise one of Linda Howe’s classic interviews with a drone eyewitness. Linda will return from vacation next week.

After his powerful research into the afterlife and existence of God, Dr. Schwartz has been asking the question, ‘does the mind actually have the power to heal?’ Listen as he takes us on an enthralling journey into the art and science of healing, and we learn why it is real and, above all, why it works.

This is an empowering interview, not to be missed by anybody who considers it important to understand the mystery of healing, and wants to explore it in their own lives.
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