Italian UFO Investigator Paola Harris is Dreamland’s source for European UFO information, and she comes to us this week with a wide-ranging report from Europe. She has a long history in the UFO field, beginning as assistant to J. Allen Hynek. Then Linda Howe interviews the editor of Trends Magazine about the 2008 economic outlook. A NOT MISS! This week, she reports in detail about European UFO sightings, then discusses her new book, Exopolitics and her experiences at the recent National Press Club press conference on UFOs. Paola’s website is

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Last Thursday, Whitley Strieber recorded two very special events for subscribers literally back-to-back, with truly startling results. First, he recorded a past life regression with Dick Sutphen. To his surprise, Dick’s first question involved whether or not Whitley had a guardian angel. What Sutphen didn’t know was that Whitley had experienced a vision of an angel at four that morning, the first and only such vision he has ever had. He had assumed that it was a dream, but Sutphen’s question gave him pause. THEN William Henry did a Tarot reading for Whitley. Again, William knew nothing about the vision, about Sutphen’s regression, or about the fact that Whitley perceived this angel as feminine in more

This week you get to learn about UFOs in Ireland and the rest of Europe. Not many people realize that a top government official in Japan says he “definitely” believes UFOs exist.

MSNBC reports that Chief Cabinet Secretary Nobutaka Machimura made this statement while speaking to reporters “in response to demands?for an inquiry into ‘frequent reports of UFO sightings.'”
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Most of us aren’t planning to serve fish for Christmas dinner and that’s a good thing, since fishermen are having trouble catching enough of it to put on our tables. That’s not just because of overfishing, it has to do with global warming as well. It turns out that warmer waters due to climate change are causing fish to swim north, away from the areas where they have traditionally been caught.
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