William Henry talks to Robert Bruce about astral travel. Many people are going to the next level of astral travel, and William asks this great master of astral travel the question: where do we go next?

The answer leads into a fascinating discussion about going beyond reincarnation, and actually planning one’s afterlife. The interview builds on William Henry’s idea of the light body, and what it will mean to those of us who learn how to make it part of our conscious lives.

This discussion is a practical examination of astral travel, astral life, and how to become much more that our conventional, rational western culture is telling us we are.

It is time to break free, and you can listen as William Henry and Robert Bruce discuss just how to do this.
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We reported in the past that researchers didn’t know whether or not breastfeeding makes children smarter. But it turns out that it can, IF they have the right gene?a gene that most of us have.

BBC news reports that researchers have discovered that “a single gene influences whether breastfeeding improves a child’s intelligence. Children with one version of the FADS2 gene scored seven points higher in IQ tests if they were breastfed.” But breastfeeding had no effect on the IQ of children with a different version of that gene, which helps to break down fatty acids, which have been linked to brain development.
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For those of us who have just finished off the turkey, it’s god to know that environmentalists want to make sure we use EVERY PART of the poultry we eat. Clothes may eventually be made out of chicken feathers. Now it turns out that egg shells may help to power hydrogen-fueled cars.

In LiveScience.com, Dave Mosher reports that in the future, leftover eggshells could provide fuel to start hydrogen cars, since they can be ground up and used to filter out carbon dioxide, a by-product of hydrogen production.

Mosher quotes engineer L.S. Fan as saying, “The key to making pure hydrogen is separating out the carbon dioxide.”
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Was early man a meat eater or a vegetarian? Is not eating meat a natural?or unnatural?thing for people to do? One way to decide is to study our closest relations, the chimpanzees.

The debate centers on the diet followed by early hominids as their brain and body size slowly increased towards a human level. Was it meat-and-potatoes, or potatoes-and-meat? A new study documents a novel use of tools by chimps to dig for tubers and roots in the savanna woodlands of western Tanzania. The chimps’ eagerness for buried treats offers new insights in an ongoing debate about the role of meat versus potato-like foods in the diet of our hominid ancestors. Researcher Adriana Hernandez-Aguilar says, “Some researchers have suggested that what made us human was actually the [potatoes].” read more