The Shroud of Turin as you have never heard it discussed before. That’s because William Henry and sindinologist James Barrett take a completely new look at the shroud, based on their deep knowledge of early Christianity and what only researchers like William know about the light body, which is what probably created the image on the shroud. Then Linda Howe interviews a close encounter witness with a message for our future. William Henry’s website is

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An astonishing interview with David Sereda, director of "From Here to Andromeda." Contains new information about Roswell that will literally stagger you. For example, did you know that kids all over the country suddenly started building and flying small aluminum disks during the days prior to the Roswell crash, and these disks flew by a means that remains unknown to this day? Were they receiving propulsion information from the presence behind the Roswell craft? Then Linda Howe asks, ‘Does NASA have a secret high tech space program we know nothing about?’

Dr. Wayne Dyer is a frequent Dreamland guest, and his discussion of the Tao with Whitley Strieber this weekend is moving, stirring of the heart and profoundly informative. It is about changing your thoughts, and with them your life, and it is unforgettably powerful.

Wayne Dyer is such an iconic figure that he needs no introduction, but, to those of you who have never heard Whitley interview him, it’s worth saying that there is a profound connection between these two men, and you just don’t hear Wayne talk this way except on Dreamland.

NOTE: This show summary, previously published on our old site, may contain broken links.

Whitley Strieber interviews Robert Bruce this week on Dreamland. Robert has been with us many times before, because, as Whitley says, ‘he’s the real deal.’

Shortly after his first interview with Robert in 2002, Whitley experienced a bizarre psychic attack. Robert was able to help him, and their discussion of this is illuminating and very surprising.

Robert talks about his own experiences and his powerful new program that enables many of his students to achieve levels of proficiency that are quite amazing.

Robert Bruce’s website is