An interview with Dr. Lynne Kitei, producer of the groundbreaking UFO film The Phoenix Lights, will be part of the Travel Channel program “Weird Travels: Alien Encounters” which will be shown on Sept. 28 at 5 p.m. Pacific and Sept. 30 at 6 p.m. Pacific. Dr. Lynne has been on Dreamland many times and is the “secret sitter” in Anne’s diary about medium testing with Dr. Gary Schwartz. Don’t miss this extraordinary show!

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Where else would you be able to hear a proven prophet who also happens to have a world-class grasp of current affairs give you brilliant information about what’s happening in Iran?

The answer is, only Whitley Strieber and Dreamland are going to give somebody like John Hogue a chance to add his unique perspective to a discussion like this. This makes for a riveting listening experience, and don’t miss John’s great DOWNLOADABLE book, Nostradamus: the War With Iran. Go to to get it for just $12.00.

Read his Iran insight article on Click here!
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Finally?a prescription we WANT to take! Eating about 30 calories a day of dark chocolate is associated with a lowering of blood pressure, without weight gain or other adverse effects. And scientists now insist that chocolate isn’t REALLY addictive.

Previous research has indicated that consumption of high amounts of cocoa-containing foods can lower blood pressure, due to the action of the an ingredient called polyphenol in the cocoa. But it may not be effective enough to offset the high sugar, fat and calorie intake of most cocoa products (problems that Anne Strieber’s hot cocoa recipe for dieters has solved!)
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The average female hates how she looks?but does that make her neurotic? Psychologists say that patients seeking cosmetic rhinoplasty (“nose jobs”) ARE often neurotic. And guys with thick, heavy features weren?t just attractive to Neanderthal females?they’re still considered attractive today.

Psychologists who analyzed patients who wanted new noses found that they exhibited personality abnormalities, including obsessiveness (think “Monk”). They also made false statements that make them look better compared with others.
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