First, Linda Howe talks to the Peruvian scientist who is working on that bizarre meteor that made hundreds of people and animals sick after striking near an Andean mountain village. Then Anne Strieber delves into the mysteries of sacred number with expert Richard Heath, and we find out the power of these numbers and just why secret societies built most of the ancient world according to them.

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Deafness is a complex subject?some deaf people insist that it is not a disease that needs to be cured. But since many of our soldiers are coming back from Iraq and Afghanistan deaf, this news couldn’t have come at a better time. Did you know that your cell phone may be affecting your hearing? And do we know what dinosaurs heard?

Researchers have discovered a way to transfer genes, which they hope will restore hearing, into diseased tissue of the human inner ear. This important step brings scientists closer to curing genetic or acquired hearing loss.
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Laughter is catching and it’s also healing. Now it’s been discovered that when breastfeeding mothers of infants with eczema laugh, their babies have lower levels of reaction to the disease.
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About twice as many Atlantic hurricanes form each year on average than a century ago, but so we don’t repeat the mistakes of Katrina, when weak levees broke, scientists have developed “instant dams” that can be dropped from the air.

A new study concludes that warmer sea surface temperatures (SSTs) and altered wind patterns associated with global climate change are fueling much of the increase. Researcher Greg Holland says, “These numbers are a strong indication that climate change is a major factor in the increasing number of Atlantic hurricanes.”
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