Not all change is gradual?sometimes even HUGE earth changes can happen suddenly. For instance, we now know that the island that is now the UK became separated from the mainland suddenly 200,000 years ago after a huge flood. And Greenland, which is now covered by a sheet of ice, once WAS green!

BBC News reports that scientists got this information from a sonar study of the English Channel, which divides England from France. The study shows “deep scars on the Channel bed that must have been cut by a sudden, massive discharge of water.” Researcher Sanjeev Gupta says it would have been one of the largest floods in recent geologic history (it could have been the inspiration for the Legend of Gilgamish which, like the Bible, mentions a huge flood).
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We have a SLIGHT reprieve on the US bee emergency: on Friday, July 13, Agriculture Undersecretary Gale Buchanan warned, “There were enough honey bees to provide pollination for US agriculture this year, but beekeepers could face a serious problem next year and beyond.”

Of course, Gale Buchanan was only referring to the US problem. There is a serious problem in Europe as well, and the state of honeybee populations is not known in much of Asia and Africa, where there is no organized effort to measure them and no real idea of whether or not colony collapse disorder is a problem.
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Jim Marrs is in his wheelhouse this week interviewing Jerry E. Smith about his FABULOUS book Secrets of the Holy Lance! We journey with Jim and Jerry into the hidden world of occult beliefs about the lance that supposedly pierced the side of Christ. But is the lance that Adolf Hitler considered so important to his chance of winning World War II actually the one that wounded Christ on the cross? And if not, then could it be something ELSE, equally extraordinary? THEN LINDA HOWE HAS THE MOST IMPORTANT CROP CIRCLE STORY EVER TOLD.

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Whitley Strieber begins his series of meditations that utilize crop circles as a means of actually patterning the brain. Click on the image for a larger version of the circle to use during the more