Are the lovable penguins of so many recent movies about to go extinct, like so many other creatures? It turns out that 30 million years ago, penguins lived in a much warmer climate than they do now, so does this mean they may survive global warming?

These were not today’s penguins?these were two different species that lived in Peru that have been identified by fossil remains. One of these species was 5 feet tall with a beak that was 7 inches long!
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Do you think that the process of human evolution is over? Anne Strieber doesn’t think so–especially when it comes to parenthood! Read her dynamic new UPDATED diary to find out why!

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In my last journal entry, I speculated about the possible meaning of the extraordinary “drone” photos that have recently surfaced. Now a new witness has appeared, “Isaac,” who claims to have worked on part of a project that involved the use in partnership of alien technology to create these remarkable devices. But is this true? If it is, then it is obviously very important.

As I have been doing all along, I am going to reserve judgment for now about whether or not the material he has deposited–and for that matter, the whole production of witness testimony and pictures–is a hoax or not. That is not to say that I’m not investigating. I certainly am investigating.
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We’ve all heard about the fashion police who patrol the streets of Afghanistan and Saudi Arabia, arresting women who are not modestly dressed. This has even spilled over into Western countries, but this is a much more serious topic in the Middle East. In China, it has to do with making a good impression on Western visitors during the Olympics, which will be held there next summer.
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