On May 4-5, Barbara and Gerry Hand Clow will be in Bellingham, Washington at Wise Awakening, 314 E. Holly Street, (360) 756-8075. Barbara will be talking about her TWO new books: The Mayan Code and The Mind Chronicles. She will be talking about BOTH of these on Dreamland very soon! For more information, click here.

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We’ve told you about clothes that can make you invisible. We’ve reported on clothes made from recycled chicken feathers. Soon you’ll be able to wear clothes that protect you from pollution and stop you from catching a cold or the flu.

Fashion designers and fiber scientists have taken “functional clothing” to a whole new level by designing a garment that can prevent colds and flu and never needs washing, and another that destroys harmful gases and protects the wearer from smog and air pollution. How does it do it? The cloth is coated with nanoparticles that create a protective shield around the cotton fibers. The fabrics aren?t dyed?their colors are not the product of dyes, but rather, reflections of manipulation of particle size or arrangement.
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We’ve already learned that eyes can keep you honest?even when they don’t belong to a real person! Holding eye contact, or “gaze,” with hysterical citizens is one of the most effective methods police officers can use to calm them down.
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One way to suck carbon dioxide out of the atmosphere, so that it won’t cause global warming, might be to “seed” the oceans with iron that will stimulate blooms of phytoplankton, the microscopic marine plant that converts CO2 into organic matter.

In the Independent, Steve Connor writes about a ship that is going to sail around the Pacific ocean, doing just that. Connor quotes the UN’s Noel Brown as saying, “I cannot overstate the importance of these Planktos pilot projects. If their applied science works as well as the early research indicates, this work will both help restore the neglected oceans and give everyone concerned about global warming truly meaningful hope.”

Art credit: freeimages.co.uk
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