More and more, people at the leading edge of consciousness are focusing on 2012. Whitley Strieber’s upcoming novel, 2012: the War for Souls will be published in September and is being made into a film by Warner Brothers, and now Jay Weidner addresses the secrets of nature and time itself as they relate to 2012.

Ancient secrets are being revealed, and Jay Weidner has been at the center of the whole 2012 phenomenon from the beginning, when in 1999 he and John Major Jenkins began working on the question of what will happen when the earth makes its 26,000 year passage across the galactic center and the Mayan Calendar ends on December 21, 2012. Jay’s website is

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Prior to the Council of Nicea in 325 AD, Jesus was commonly portrayed as a transfigured being, and, when working his miracles, with a wand in his hand. After the Council, he was portrayed in the west only as a figure dying on a cross, and the wand was never seen again.

But why was it there in the first place? What did the early Christians know that was suppressed in 325 AD and then forgotten.

In this explosive interview, Whitley Strieber asks William Henry these questions. Based on his years of research, William explains not only what the wand was, but what the real message of Christ’s transfiguration is.

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In Anne’s new diary, she says goodbye to their friend and reflects on how cats may be a conduit to the world of the dead. Don’t miss this one!

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UPDATE – The same researcher who discovered the SARS virus in 2003 has found a microbe that may be causing the downfall of several strains of bees.

In the San Francisco Chronicle, Sabin Russell reports that researcher Joe DeRisi conducted tests on dead bees and found genes from a parasite which researchers in Spain have identified as a bee killer.

UPDATE: The Boston Herald reports that the missing honeybee phenomenon has now spread to Hawaii.

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Linda Howe will have a report about this on Dreamland!

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