We’ve investigated wind power and even garbage power. The next step may be to harness the power from deep within the center of the earth.

This is called “geothermal energy,” and comes from wells that are a mile (or more) deep. These holes are drilled until they reach a level of hot rock, then water is pumped into the well, which turns to steam. This steam can then be harnessed to run machines and power plants.
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Colors affect people in strange ways and red is one of those colors. It has been discovered that students who even glanced at that color before taking an SAT test got lower scores.

In LiveScience.com, Sara Goudarzi quotes psychologist Andrew J. Elliot as saying, “Care must be taken in how red is used in achievement contexts and illustrate how color can act as a subtle environmental cue that has important influences on behavior.”
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By Whitley Strieber

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We have asked Mr. Strieber to make some suggestions about what investement strategy to use in current condtions. His reply is at the end of the article.
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The past six months have been the most astonishing period of change in the whole history of the UFO phenomenon. Not since the early fifties have there been so many and such extensive sightings, and never with such a level of official support for the reality of the phenomenon.

To just touch on a few highlights, there have been extensive sightings in many parts of the world, with large numbers of reports out of the UK and, especially, Iran. The United States has had the extraordinary O’Hare Airport sighting, among others.

But it is not just the sightings that are changing things, it is the disintegration of the UFO coverup.
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