Whitley’s Journals are always provocative, but his new journal entry will open your eyes in a way he has never done before! In it, he indites not only the current government, but the mainstream media as well, for refusing to see the incredible conspiracy which is right before its eyes. He writes, “If you want to know what will happen?well, I suggest you read the script.” Read it first here!

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UPDATE – We recently delivered a warning that, despite all denials, the US is getting ready to bomb Iran?or perhaps have Israel do the job for us. In the March 5th issue of the New Yorker, Seymour Hersh says we are about to attack Iran, something he warned us about last April. UPDATE: There may be a US military revolt brewing.

In the Independent, Anne Penketh writes that, “A Pentagon unit is planning for a bombing attack on Iran which could be carried out ?within 24 hours.” She is referring to the article by Hersh, in which he says that a “special planning group” has been set up that is “charged with creating a contingency bombing plan for Iran that can be implemented, upon orders from the [US] President, within 24 hours.”
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After retired US Air Force General Phil Corso, whom Whitley knew personally, told former Canadian Defense Minister Paul Hellyer that the 1947 Roswell UFO crash took place, Hellyer went public about the cover-up. In the upcoming screening of a new documentary to be shown in Canada on March 7, he will explain why he thinks that that ET technology could help us solve the problem of global warming.

Files from the Canadian government confirm that five government departments have been involved in collecting data and conducting investigations on UFOs since 1947. This coincides with what Nick Pope uncovered about the British Ministry of Defense.
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An airbag can save your life in a car crash?but it can also cause you to go deaf.

Researchers estimate that 17% percent of the people who are exposed to deployed airbags in American cars will suffer from permanent hearing loss, and airbag deployment is more hazardous to the ears when a car’s windows are rolled down.

Dr. G. Richard Price wanted to find out whether the danger of deafness was greater in cars with the windows down or the windows up. Previously, experts thought rolled-up windows were more dangerous because they allow for higher pressure to be created inside the cabin.
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