As if anyone needs any more proof that global warming is real, biologists have discovered that in Spain, bears are no longer hibernating for the winter. In California, chipmunks, mice and squirrels are moving to higher elevations, where the weather is cooler. They’ve been doing this for around 100 years, showing that climate change is nothing new.

Brown bears have stopped hibernating in the mountains of northern Spain. In the Independent, Genevi?ve Roberts quotes bear expert Guillermo Palomero as saying, “If the winter is mild, the female bears find it is energetically worthwhile to make the effort to stay awake and hunt for food.” Residents have spotted them moving through the forests at a time when they’re normally asleep.
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Note: I have changed the title of this journal entry from “The Triumph of Mankind” because a number of readers do not appear to understand that the title contains a degree of irony. I will also quote a paragraph from deeper in the journal, which many readers apparently do not see: “This doesn’t mean that our problems aren’t real. They most certainly are, and any number of them are likely to give us trouble in the future. I think that the environmental problem is especially dangerous and immediate.”

Now, I’ll repeat the journal as it was written:

It’s worth remembering, especially as a new year begins, that our world is not all doom and gloom. Far from it, the human experience, for the most part, has never been better.
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This week’s Dreamland is a unique look into one of nature’s greatest and most inspiring secrets. If you doubted either the existence of God or the wisdom of the ancients, this interview with Gregg Braden is going to renew your sense of awe. If, like so many of us, you already believe in God, you will FEEL the reality of the divine presence as never before listening to Gregg explain his thrilling discovery. Then Linda tells us about a bizarre new disease affecting elk.

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In Starwalkers and the Dimension of the Blessed, William Henry says, "to use Whitley Strieber’s term, we are on the verge of, at last, becoming a cosmic species and asserting ourselves into the galaxy." Whitley offers subscribers a meditation called "The Blue Pearl" which takes us in the direction of a much more cosmic view of the universe, and shows us how to gain a new kind of energy from our experience of being human.
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