British Ministry of Defence UFO expert Nick Pope recently resigned his post, saying that there is no question but that UFOs are intelligently guided craft, and governments should make more of an effort to understand their defense and national security implications. Listen as Whitley interviews Nick this week–and he proceeds to drop some fascinating new information about the famous Rendlesham Forest UFO landing that took place in the UK in 1980, in addition to telling us about many of the MOD’s most compelling UFO cases.

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When he worked at the Ministry of Defense in the UK, Nick Pope was head of a project that analyzed UFO reports from 1991-94, and he published several books about the reports that led to his realization that UFOs are real. He has now resigned from the MoD,stating that defense and national security considerationsmandate that governments take the UFO situation more seriously. This weekend, subscribers can listen to his reasons in aninterview by Whitley Strieber.
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People who study ancient Egypt have speculated that perhaps the pyramid builders used sound to levitate the gigantic stones into place. Mainstream scientists scoffed at this idea but now they’re taking levitation seriously.

Scientists have now levitated small live animals using only sounds. Chinese scientists have used ultrasound to levitate small amounts of incredibly heavy substances, such as iridium and mercury. In, Charles Q. Choi quotes researcher Wenjun Xie as saying, “What will happen if a living animal is put into the acoustic field? Will it also be stably levitated?”

The scientists were able to float ants, beetles, spiders, ladybugs, bees, tadpoles and fish in midair.

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English sources are reporting mysterious sightings of orange orbs in the sky above major cities in the UK.

Shoreham, Essex, Liverpool and Brighton seem to be the places where the most sightings took place. This is London quotes one witness as saying, “I saw this big orange light in the sky. Then another one appeared in mid-air. Then another. And another.”
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