This has been a major period for UFO sightings, which have taken place in the US in California and Wyoming, and as far away as the UK and Poland.

In UFO Digest, Piotr Cielebia? quotes Ryszard Grabczynski, who photographed a UFO in Poland, as saying, “These photos were taken accidentally?I was photographing the Moon and then I cast a glance in the West. At first moment I thought that it was a planet but the color [dark orange] seemed unnatural. After a while I noticed that it’s moving slowly and?what?s interesting?began to change intensity and color of light.”
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This week William Henry interviews William Mann, who hasn’t just written about the history of the Knights Templar in the New World. He has a very special qualification: he is a descendant of the Supreme Grand Master of the Knights Templar in Canada, and can call on a family tradition of secret knowledge of the 14th century Templar crossing from Scotland to Canada that happened hundreds of years before Columbus arrived. Then Linda Howe reports on the latest on NASA’s permanent moon base!

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