On unknowncountry.com, we’ve been reporting on the mystery of Morgellons disease. Physicians have been divided about whether or not this is a real disease, but Dr. George Schwartz says he has developed an anti-parasitic treatment program that can cure it, if started early enough in the course of the disease.

Morgellons was at first assumed to be a psychiatric delusion because the thread-like fibers that are exuded from the body appear to be comprised of cellulose, which the human body is not capable of producing. Dr. Schwartz has discovered that these fibers may be an early, cocoon stage of a parasite.
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In her new diary, Anne Strieber writes: “One of my all-time heroes is Episcopalian bishop John Shelby Spong. I get his newsletter every Wednesday and was amazed to see that, in his recent one, the position he takes about the existence of God parallels the stance that Whitley and I have decided we must take with regard to the reality of the visitors, a point of view that is reflected in Whitley’s new novel The Grays.”

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A few weeks ago the Striebers were on vacation and we ran a repeat of a program from two years ago about the Dybbuk Box, that eerie winebox that has brought fear and tragedy to one owner after another, that was auctioned on Ebay. And we were flooded with requests: WHAT’S HAPPENING TO THE BOX NOW?? So just for subscribers, we’ve responded with a great discussion between Whitley Strieber and Jason Haxton, the current owner of the box. Keep reading to learn about some of the things Whitley and Jason talk about.
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Ernesto became the first hurricane of the season as itssustained winds exceeded 70 MPH on Sunday. However, thestorm also appeared to be tracking farther east, which meansthat it will spend most of its life above a mix of land andwater and not enter the central Gulf of Mexico.

The National Hurricane Center expects Ernesto to move up thewest coast of Florida, making landfall in the Keys as aCategory 3 storm, and declining to Category 1 as it rolls upthe peninsula.
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