A team of engineers who have studied the failure of the 17th Street canal levee in New Orleans say they have found a cost-effective and efficient way to prevent future flooding. And psychologists in New Orleans says there is widespread mental illness, caused by trauma, among New Orleans residents. A problem that has been entirely ignored by the mainstream media is MOLD, which could mean that current renovations will have to be torn down again.

Civil engineers Hanif Chaudhry and Ahmed Kassem examined the breach of the New Orleans levee and found that temporary barriers made of wood, steel or concrete that hold back water may prevent the widespread flooding that results from levee failure.
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UPDATE – Gary Mitchell reports in the Montgomery (AL) Advertiser that yellow jacket wasps have begun building huge nests in that state. Gigantic wasp nests are turning up in places like abandoned cars, barns and houses?and they are so large that they COMPLETELY FILL THEM UP. No one knows what has sparked this unusual behavior, but they think it may be a result of global warming. UPDATE: To see video of a huge floating wasp nest in Georgia, click here.
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Whitley will be in the subscriber chat room again this weekend, on Saturday, September 2, from 9 to 10 am PST, answering questions about his new novel The Grays (and anything else subscribers want to talk to him about). If you want to join in, subscribe today! Anne Strieber will join him for the hour.

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While the media concentrates on John Mark Karr and his claims about a pitiful, decade-old murder, the real story is totally ignored, which is that forest fires are sweeping the world right now at an unprecedented rate. To see what?s happening, click on the image. What is worse, as they grow in number and strength worldwide, they are unleashing mercury that has polluted the wetlands in the north since at least the dawn of the Industrial Revolution.

These fires in the north of the US are releasing mercury at levels up to 15 times greater than forest fires elsewhere. As we?ve reported in the past, global warming has dried out the forests, making them vulnerable to fire.
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