In Europe, the number of children with asthma rises 2 to 3% for every new indoor swimming pool that is installed, meaning that asthma, in Western Europe at least, could at least partly be due to the exposure of children to the by-products of chlorine in the air and water of indoor swimming pools. And in the last decade, the number of people visiting to hospital emergency rooms because of severe allergic reactions has increased to three times what it was in the past.
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Conspiracy buffs are interested in REAL information, not just internet rumors, so they’re snapping up Peter Levenda’s Sinister Forces Book One and Book Two so fast that we can hardly keep them in stock, and Sinister Forces Three is on the way. For next weekend’s Dreamland, you’ll be able to hear Peter in person, as he discusses MODERN Nazis with Jim Marrs and Whitley. In honor of all this, we’ve brought back one of our all time bestsellers: Peter Levenda’s Unholy Alliance. Did you know that World War II was actually a battle between two opposing occult forces? NOW you do!

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Remember the Dybbuk Box? Famed director Sam Raimi (the Spiderman movies, the Hudsucker Proxy) is developing a film based on the story of the Dybbuk Box, we?­re revisiting the whole disturbing and fascinating story. So listen as the original and current owners compare notes on the effects of this demon-haunted artifact from prewar Poland. What’s trapped in the Dybbuk Box…and what might happen if it gets out Then Linda Howe reveals evidence that the small metallic particles often found in crop circles have some very strange properties indeed.

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Dr. Roger Leir and Whitley Strieber have a searching discussion about what’s REALLY happening with implants, and Dr. Leir talks about his new feature film, “Earth’s Original Sin.” He has plans to create a center to concentrate needed study on implants, and anticipates using the film as a catalyst in its creation. The film centers around the reality of the implant subject, and the relationship between the dark forces among us, and those who are coming here from elsewhere. To view previews of the movie, click here, then click on the “Earth’s Original Sin” link.

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