Maurice Cotterell has made some brilliant discoveries and, along with them, had a profound spiritual breakthrough to the living God. Whitley Strieber asks him this question about his amazing, unforgettable new book: ?Maurice, you say in Jesus, King Arthur and the Holy Grail, ??As life on this planet gradually becomes more and more energetic, it also draws more and more God energy into itself.? Could you expand on this?? He proceeds to explain why the Maya and so many other ancient cultures regarded the physical world as illusion, and what that means about what we are, what we are in the process of becoming right now in this time of change, and how this relates to God.

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Three years ago, China officially denied that the SARS epidemic existed there?until it eventually spread around the world. China finally admitted that SARS began in their country, but they still haven’t acknowledged that bird flu exists there. But forensic detectives there have just discovered evidence that a man died of H5N1 in 2003.
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Three doctors in this week’s British Medical Journal warn of the risk of using cell phones outdoors during stormy weather. A 15-year-old girl was struck by lightning while using her cell phone in a large park in London during a storm. She was successfully resuscitated, but one year later she is still suffering from complex physical, mental and emotional problems.
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