A memo marked sensitive from the US Ambassador to Iraq hasbeen obtained by the Independent (London) and Editor andPublisher and the WashingtonPost in the US, that describes a far more chaotic and dangeroussituation than is being generally reported. Iraqi employeesof the embassy are in such constant danger that the factthat they work for the US must be carefully concealed.

They are terrified of being kidnapped and killed, and fearthat the Iraqi guards at entrances to the Green Zone areworking for militias hostile to the United States. Oneemployee reported that they would hold up her ID badge topassersby and shout “embassy,” which the report describes as”the eqivalent of a death sentence if it falls into thewrong hands.”
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Who was here first?and how did they get here? The first people to come to North America may have been seal hunters from France and Spain. They wouldn’t have crossed over the ice bridge that existed around 13,500 years ago, connecting this continent to Siberia?they would have come by boat. Or Japanese may have walked across the ocean on a highway made of seaweed.

Four million seals would have been pretty tempting to hungry people from Europe. The Inuit today still use traditional large, open boats made out of animal skins. These can hold about a dozen adults, along with a few children?everything you’d need to colonize a continent.
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In a recent news story, one of our staffers added this provocative line: “[Anne Strieber] has?been given an ‘Indian name.’ Maybe one day she’ll tell it to you.” Anne writes, “Ever since we posted this story, we’ve been besieged with mail asking for my Indian name, so I’ll tell it to you.” She also tells you how to make sure you get a copy of Whitley’s new book The Grays.

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Will humans eventually live forever? Scientists have grown immortal skin cells in a petri dish?maybe they can someday make us immortal too?but would we want to be? This possibility raises the question of whether this would cause us to spend our lives cowering in our homes, afraid of having a fatal accident.

And it’s not just long lives that we want?we want long HEALTHY lives. Biologists can’t yet promise us immortality, but they think we can live around 20 years longer than people used to.
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