It may be hard to believe, but slavery still exists?and some of it is pretty close to home. A UN report reveals that almost every country in the world is involved with human trafficking.

We?re familiar with headlines about Mexicans being brought across the border in order to do jobs Americans aren?t willing or able to do, such as working in sweatshops or picking crops. Young girls (and boys) are also brought here for prostitution, often without realizing that this is the fate that awaits them across the border.
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In her latest diary, Anne Strieber does something rare?she responds to a nasty attack. Anne comments, “I like to take the ‘sticks and stones’ approach to unfair criticism, but sometimes it gets just too ridiculous to ignore.” Read her new diary, and learn what she?s talking about. AND WE HAVE NOW GOTTEN A COMMENT FROM GLENNYS MACKAY.

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Scientists have now announced that migrating birds DO NOT spread avian flu, but the birds you buy in the supermarket DO spread the food poisoning known as salmonella, so wash your hands (and all surfaces) after handling them. Like beef cattle, chickens are given antibiotics in their feed, which can promote antibiotic-resistant superbugs in human beings. But there IS a way in which we can keep chickens healthy and protect ourselves at the same time: give them beer.
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Two of what we consider major modern miseries were also part of life for prehistoric man: being mugged and going to the dentist. With the same kinds of problems that we have, early man relaxed the same way we do today?he danced.

Ker Than reports in that flint drills made 9,000 years ago have been discovered in Pakistan, along with teeth from a Neolithic graveyard that show clear signs of drilling. The archeologists who made this discovery say it looks like the dentists of that time were “surprisingly effective” when it came to removing cavities.
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