A fossil of a fish with “legs,” that anthropologists think represents the missing link in the evolution of sea creatures into land animals, has recently been discovered in Ethiopia. At the same time, biologists have learned that one type of fish?the catfish?STILL “walks” ashore to look for food.

Discovering that a catfish that lives in Africa regularly goes onto land to hunt for prey helps scientists imagine how those early fish, now seen only in fossils, gradually made the trip to dry land and eventually decided to stay there.
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Legendary Coast-to-Coast AM host Art Bell has remarried. Hisromance with Philippine national Airyn Ruiz began after hewas introduced to her via internet videoconferencing, by afriend in the ham radio hobby.

They spent countless hours conferencing together. WhitleyStrieber says, “It became obvious to me after a very shorttime that this young woman Art had met online was aremarkable and unusual human being. She and Art connectedimmediately and deeply.”

Their online romance blossomed. Strieber continues, “I wasvery worried about Art at the time. He was struggling with agreat grief. Ramona was so marvelous, and he felt as if hislife was over. It took courage for him to do it, but hechose to make changes, and not let his life stop.”
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Dramatic booming noises have been heard in at least twoAmerican cities in recent weeks, in San Diego on April 4 and Buffalo on April 12. Unusual cloud formations were photographed in San Diego in 2004. The clouds appeared very suddenly over the Miramar MarineAir Station, and did not seem to observers to function liket hunderheads. "Nothing seemed natural about this cloud,"reports photographer David Hurst. "It hovered above theground and wasn’t anvil-shaped. There was nothing wispy around the edges. Although it became mushroom-shaped, the head seemed more on the thin side than billowy." The booms that rocked San Diego and Buffalo did not appear to be sonic booms, and some residents in San Diego assumed that the sounds were earthquake related.read more

Wayne Dyer is one of the great teachers of our time, and with Getting in the Gap: How to Have Conscious Contact with God, he has made a tremendous breakthrough. Then Linda Howe with a bizarre new discovery about the Arctic.

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