So many of you have enjoyed William Henry’s interviews on Dreamland radio and have wanted to meet him in person. Now’s your chance: He is presenting a new lecture and slide slow titled Activating the Temple of Light in Nashville on June 16-18. If you sign up now, you could be one of the 40 lucky people who will get to take this extraordinary tour. Keep reading for details!

William is fresh from his March-April, 2006 trip to Egypt and loaded with new insights and images to share. He?ll take you on a tour of the Nashville Parthenon, the scale replica of the Parthenon from Athens, as well as the astounding Bicentennial Capitol Mall site (the sister site to the National Mall in Washington DC). You’ll find out why William calls this site Stargate Park.
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While the US lays ambitious plans to conquer the Middle East and win over the hearts and minds of the people there, Russia and China have set their sights on the moon, and for the same reason: a desperate search for fuel. NASA has plans to return to the moon as well.

Russia’s leading space company RKK Energiya says it will send manned missions to the moon by 2015 and build a permanent base there between 2020 and 2030. Energiya manufactured the Soyuz space craft. In all three cases, the missions will be funded by the government, although private enterprise may eventually take over some of the US moon missions.
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Can science prove the existence of God? Dr. Gary Schwartz, the man who verified that mediums can really contact the dead, says he’s done it. Anne Strieber recently wrote about her adventures with Dr. Schwartz and medium Glennys MacKay. She also interviewed Schwartz about his new book the G.O.D. Experiments, just for subscribers. Don’t miss this provocative interview?subscribe today!

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There is more and more evidence that the collapse of the Twin Towers on 9/11 was NOT due to an jet crashing into it?that it was a controlled demolition. Dreamland radio was one of the first to put forth this theory.
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