The soldier of the future will be a robot?or a man-machine, anyway. Maybe the rest of us will be too. The military is looking for ways to send signals directly to a soldier’s brain, without having to go through another human being. They’ve discovered a unexpected direct route to the brain: the human tongue.

Researchers at the Florida Institute for Human and Machine Cognition want to be able to send signals from cameras and sonar into soldiers? brains, so that they can gain hearing and sight of animals like owls and snakes. Our tongues are ultra-sensitive receptors, which anyone realizes who has ever had a filling or a cap put in. The tongue investigates the new addition to the mouth unceasingly, until it knows every nook and cranny.
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In case you haven’t yet heard enough about the Judas Iscariot controversy started by Anne Strieber in her Easter message, here’s more fascinating information. A reader writes: “On page 37 of Bloodline of the Holy Grail, Laurence Gardner says: ‘Another well-born nationalist leader of renown was Judas, chief of the Scribes. The Dead Sea Scrolls were produced under his tutelage and that of his predecessor, the fierce Judas of Galilee, founder of the Zealot movement. Apart from his academic scholarship, Judas the Apostle was the tribal head of East Manasseh and a warlord of Qumran. The Romans had a nickname for him: to them he was Judas Sicarius (a sica was a deadly, curved dagger).read more

An exceptionally large sunspot has appeared on our side ofthe sun. Sunspot 875 is already the size of the planetNeptune and is continuing to grow. It has a “beta gamma”magnetic field and as of April 26 harbors energy for X Class, orstrong, solar flares.

The spot has appeared during the solar minimum, and thepresence of such a large spot during a time of relativesolar inactivity suggests that scientistspredictingthat the next solar maximum, due in 2011 and 2012, will be avery intense one, are likely to be correct. They havetheorized that the next max was likely to start early, andbe preceeded by an unsettled minimum.

The current sunspot is very active and at present there is a5% chance that it will cause X-Class solarflares/
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Last November, Unknowncountry reported on a possible pyramid in Bosnia, and now Semir Osmanagic, the Bosnian archaeologist involved in unearthing it, has found geometrically carved slabs that suggest that the pyramid is indeed manmade.

Osmanagic spent 15 years studying the pyramids of Mexico and Central America, which are all “step” pyramids, and he believes that the Bosnian pyramid was built that way too. His former investigations were the reason he realized, when he saw the 2,000 foot high hill outside the small town of Visoko, that it could be a pyramid. Many of the Mexican pyramids were in this overgrown condition before the gigantic cities of ancient cultures there began to be rediscovered in the late 19th century.
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