Whitley Strieber asks John Lash the question, are modern alien contacts the same as contacts with the Archons? If so, are they dangerous to us, and what might the Gnostic texts tell us about how to cope with their presence–and why they are here?

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In her new Diary, Anne writes: “At my first birthday celebration after I got out of the hospital, my new daughter-in-law brought me a Splenda cheesecake, since I was still on a strict diet. We put some candles on it for me to blow out. I remember thinking, ‘I can’t think of a single thing to wish for?I have everything I want.’ As someone who, like most people, has spent her life in a constant state of want and need, I found this revelation to be pretty amazing.”

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Bird flu is a killer when it infects human beings, but so far it has not mutated into a virus that people can catch from each other. Now scientists are learning why. Scientists are learning why the avian flu virus H5N1 has not yet mutated into a strain that can be transmitted between humans. It turns out that the avian strain can’t bind to human cells. But only one major mutation is needed for the flu to become transmittable between people. Is this mutation likely to occur?
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Was 911 a conspiracy? This is the question that won’t go away. In his latest Journal, Whitley Strieber asks, “Was 911 a Hoax?” Now activist actor Charlie Sheen is asking the same thing. In a recent interview, Sheen said that he thinks the US government is covering up what really happened on September 11, 2001. CNN has put up an online poll asking readers if they agree?and 82% do.

Sheen says the details of what is supposed to have occurred on that day seem to add up to a “conspiracy theory,” but one that really happened. He agrees with Dave Von Kleist, whom we have interviewed on Dreamland, that the fall of the World Trade Center looks like a “controlled demolition.” An astonishing 82% of CNN readers who participated in an online straw poll agreed with him.
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