We’re in an emergency that is unacknowledged by our government and ignored by the mainstream media. Two huge glaciers in Greenland have recently begun melting, meaning that sea levels will inevitably rise worldwide. Our own government, in the form of NOAA, recently issued a statement saying that “Nine of the 10 warmest years on record have occurred since 1995.” CNN cites a report from the UK saying that in the last two years, the Kangerdlugssuaq and Helheim glaciers have doubled their rate of flow into the ocean. This means that even environmentalists who have warned us about a sea rise of over 20 feet, due to global warming and glacier melt, have underestimated the problem. The Greenland ice sheet contains one-tenth of the world’s freshwater reserves.read more

This week on Dreamland, Whitley interviews prominent Italian UFO Investigator Paola Harris, who says, “Saturday night over Milan there was a Sighting of 5 Objects that lingeredin the air from 11:00 PM till 5:00 AM and our TV news channels covered it. Like the Phoenix lights, no one knows what to do.”

The story was covered on Italian Television and in the newsmedia, and the conclusion was drawn that the objects wereunexplained. Unlike the Phoenix lights, however, there wereno US military bases in the area that could issue falseclaims of dropping flares, so the objects at this timeremain a pure unknown.
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President Bush and his cabinet were determined to invade Iraq, despite the fact that the country was not a threat to the US. A newly-leaked memo discloses that Bush considered starting a war with Saddam Hussein by getting him to fire first, by flying a spy plane with UN markings over Baghdad. Andy McSmith writes in the Independent that the memo states that also Bush considered assassinating Saddam. Of all the alternatives the Bush administration considered, was 911 the final decision?

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Peter Levenda is back discussing the second volume of his magesterial series, Sinister Forces. In “A Warm Gun” he brings the story from the Kennedy years up to modern times, revealing for the first time the way America’s elite are dominated by occultism, secret societies and bizarre beliefs. Then Linda Howe reports on the top trends for 2006 from one of the world’s great futurists, Gerald Celente.

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